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Use of Technology in Education

1985 - 1989

Korea University

B.A. in Education

Instructional Methodology

1989 - 1991

Korea University

M.A. in Education

Instructional Consulting

Learning & Instructional Theories

1994 - 2000

Indiana University, Bloomington

Ph.D. in Instructional Systems Technology

With Curt Bonk of Indiana University. My colleagues and I translated his book "MOOCs and Open Education Around the World".

I met Charles Reigeluth, the developer of Elaboration Theory, of Indiana University at ICoME 2016, Kyoto. He was one of my doctoral dissertation committee members.

John Keller of ARCS Model  >>>

He was the Keynote speaker at ICoME 2010, Kumamoto.

<< < Jon Bergmann, the founder of Flipped Learning

<<< Guess who?

Guillaume Patry, a former professional StarCraft player.

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